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Specific to our COMMUNITY GROUPS.

These activities are designed not just to reconnect you with the outdoors but to empower you with new skills and a profound sense of well-being. 

We promote the positive benefits of spending time outdoors learning, achieving and slowing the pace of life down.


Wild Women Workshops

These workshops are for women only. Our tranquil haven offers support for women who've experienced trauma.

We offer single day , 3 day and 5 day workshops with onsite overnight  accommodation. Everything is included food, equipment, outdoor clothing and accommodation.  

We aim to help you focus on the now, time away from the stresses of day to day life are critical to remain stable and positive. These sessions are fully outdoors and immersive, you will get to laugh and learn within the relaxing woodland.

Your Host

Pip made history as the UKs first female Army Commando.  Having suffered trauma from the loss of both her brother and father Pip also suffered from extreme post natal depression, now retrained as an outdoor forest practitioner and cold water guide. Pip recently took part in the television programme ALONE surviving in the Canadian Wilderness.


Off-Grid Retreat

Your accommodations will be in beautiful, fully-furnished yurts, or bell tents nestled within this pristine off-grid sanctuary. Unplug from the world and experience the simplicity of sustainable living, surrounded by the breathtaking wilderness.

A  Healing Atmosphere

Our woodland venue offers not just a retreat but a chance to find peace in your surroundings. The sounds of nature will soothe your soul, and the landscape's beauty will remind you of your own resilience.

Join our relaxing workshops​

Start your day gently with a leisurely breakfast, and then dive into a day of activities (9 AM - 4 PM) designed to rejuvenate and reconnect you with nature. Enjoy campfire coffee and delicious cake to keep you energized. Evenings are filled with communal cooking and shared dinners, fostering a sense of togetherness.

During your workshop, you'll experience a variety of activities, including bushcraft, survival skills, foraging, wild swimming, cold water therapy, primitive skills, wood whittling, forest bathing, willow weaving, axe throwing, campfire cooking, and inspiring talks.

What awaits you?

Expect moments of peace, emotional release, laughter, comfort, awakening, challenges, support, and ample learning experiences. Whatever you seek its all here, surrounded by nature's beauty and our welcoming community. Join us for an extraordinary journey."


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