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Blue Beacon Roundal


Specific to our Emergency services or care operations.

Relax and recuperate within the woodland, these workshops can be for individuals or larger groups. 

We promote the positive benefits of spending time outdoors learning, achieving and slowing the pace of life down.


Day workshops

These workshops operate from 10am - 4pm

For groups up to 10 we aim to help you focus on the now, time away from the stresses of day to day life are critical to remain stable and positive. These sessions are fully outdoors and immersive, you will get to laugh and learn within the relaxing woodland.

Cooking pan and cups
Night sky

Overnight Course

Timings are 10am day 1 to 10am Day 2.


This overnight course is structured to be at a slower pace,  there will be a range of activities available this includes bushcraft and primitive skills, greenwood working and campfire whittling, woodland management tasks such a as building wildlife habitats as well as the opportunity to relax in a hammock whilst enjoying the woodland setting. Camping fire cooking is done as a group and there will be a night time woodland walk and star gazing if the sky is clear.

Burn-out prevention course.

These retreats can be up to 3days long and provide a great opportunity to fully decompress or disengage from issues you may be facing.

Fully inclusive of catering and activities and shared bell tents are used for accommodation.

Please contact us directly for this service.

Tents in the woods
Tree planting

Volunteer Days

If you have been on a previous workshop or camp why not return to the woodland and help with the improvement and development of the project. These vary depending on the season but include activities like tree planting and woodland management.

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