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Overnight Course

The overnight camp is there to give you a break, spend 24hrs learning new skills and relaxing in the woodland with like minded individuals. 

These camps are fully outdoors, you will get to sleep in a hammock or use camp beds if preferred.  During the workshop you will learn useful bushcraft skills and how natural resources around us can help us to thrive in the wild.  

The camp is run as a team and as such you will get the chance to split wood, help prepare the food whilst learning some campfire cooking top tips and then enjoy an evening under the stars. 

Axe throwing is enjoyed to finish the experience. 


All food and refreshments is included, additional overnight equipment ie sleeping systems can be provided if required. 

Next Courses:

  • May 4th 10am

  • June 8th 10am

Additional information

Due to our location we understand some may travel further than others and to help with this there is the opportunity to arrive the night before,  bell tent accommodation is available from May for a very small donation to the OP CG fund if required however there are plenty of places to put up a tent. 

On occasions the overnight camp will align with the campfire meets to provide other opportunity's to meet others and then stay for the volunteer sessions should you wish.


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