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Campfire brews and axe throwing

On Sunday, 10th March, we had the privilege of hosting our inaugural Campfire Coffee Meet of 2024, a gathering that promised warmth and camaraderie, and delivered so much more. It was a remarkable day as veterans from various branches of the military - the Royal Marines, Parachute Regiment, Cavalry, a former Highlander, as well as those from Signals and the Royal Engineers - came together around the welcoming glow of a campfire.

Despite the grey skies and intermittent rain, the atmosphere was anything but dampened. The crackling fire set the perfect backdrop for the rich tapestry of stories, laughter, and good-natured ribbing that flowed as freely as the coffee. The sense of camaraderie was palpable, a testament to the shared experiences and unspoken bond that unites those who have served.

The highlight of the meet was the introduction to our axe-throwing range, a new feature that was met with enthusiasm and friendly competition. Stu, leading the demonstration, humorously showed us "what not to do" with his initial throw before skillfully landing subsequent axes on target. His display set the tone for the rest of the group, who eagerly took their turns, their military bravado shining through.

Over three rounds of coffee and two packets of crisps, the event wound down, but not without laying the groundwork for lasting connections and new friendships among veterans from diverse backgrounds. The promise of a complimentary breakfast at the next gathering was the cherry on top, leaving everyone looking forward to more such meets.

It was a day of laughter, shared stories, and new beginnings, underscoring the importance of providing spaces for our veterans to connect and support each other. The Campfire Coffee Meet was not just an event; it was a step towards building a stronger, more interconnected community, one campfire at a time.

Thankyou to those that attended, looking forward to seeing you all and more next month.

'This was made possible by the funding support from the Veterans Foundation'

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Mar 11

Was a great few hours spent in great company and not so great weather!

Thanks for organising this Stu.

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